Cut down the time to find unique locators by half*

Instantly generates the most robust web element locator (XPath, CSS selector, ID, Name, etc.) for all test automation frameworks including Selenium, Protractor, TestArchitect Enterprise and TestArchitect Gondola.
* Measurements were performed on long and complex XPath locators

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A time-saving tool for building Page Objects
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Key Features
Quickly copy the smartest locator using Quick Copy
Quickly copy the smartest locator
Right click on your web element of interest, then select Quick Copy > Suggested Locator to copy the smartest locator for that web element to clipboard. Quick Copy leverages Pattern Recognition to contextually guess the most reliable and readable locator for you. Now you are free to paste it to any page object of your automation framework of choice such as Selenium, Protractor and TestArchitect.
Customize and test your element locators using Locator Test
Flaky locators result in unstable tests
If your element locators are too sensitive to changes like the absolute XPath on the right, your tests will fail even due to minor GUI changes. But constructing reliable and unique locators manually is tedious and error-prone. Smart Gen eliminates this hassle by auto-suggesting the smartest locators as well as excluding out bad ones for your reference.
Get suggested element locators for your elements using Smart Gen
Customize your locator and test it
Our suggested element locator may perform well most of the time but in some cases, you might want to add your own touches. That’s when Locator Test comes in handy. It helps you quickly evaluate the customized locator to make sure that it uniquely identifies your web element. If your element locator is not unique like the one on the left, Locator Test shows you how many web elements match your locator so you can easily vet them out.
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